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Imagery, features, numerical models, web mapping

lower Ross Valley, Marin County, CA

Craiova Coding offers spatial image processing and analysis, spatial data development, cartographic design, numerical modeling and visualization to a select number of focused projects.

We are a collaboration between Brian Quinn and Camelia Negrea, both of whom have geophysics backgrounds and experience in many aspects of both corporate and public agency information systems development and operations. Camelia is a Systems Engineer / Analyst with direct experience in Solaris and Sybase Adaptive Server systems in the financial services industry. Brian implements spatial data systems as a Programmer / Analyst for distribution and analysis of both imagery and feature-based spatial data; he performs loss and consequence estimation for natural and technological hazards for local agencies.

HAZUS® Earthquake Loss Estimates (click here)

Presented at the 2001 ESRI User Conference, the link above presents seven earthquake scenarios imperiling California's Silicon Valley. The seven events were of a uniform magnitude, but located along seven different faults or lineaments near San Jose, California. For these loss estimates, HAZUS 99 was used with best available regional soils amplification and liquefaction susceptibility data, and ground motions were estimated on 25-meter intervals.

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